Our company's specialization is the biological treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater.
We are active both on the national and export markets.

We have developed various ranges of wastewater treatment plants and we meet the different requirements of export:

Tailored WWTP for specific issues, overseas export and/of industrial wastewater
             BIOKIT® range

• BIOFRANCE® container range

• BIOFRANCE® industries range


The wastewater treatment BIOKIT® range

No access?
Recovery tanks?
Need to build tanks on-site?
     Our BIOKIT® range meets all your requirements

Example: wastewater treatment plant BIOKIT® in a camping; accessible only across the river 



 The wastewater treatment BIOFRANCE® container range

We build wastewater treatment plants customized for you need, fully prefabricated to fit the sizes of a marine container.
These solutions optimize the transport costs.

 Tailored made fabrication to fit marine container - destination: overseas



 The wastewater treatment BIOFRANCE® industries range

EPUR has expertise and biological process competence to treat industrial wastewater.
Each case is a specific one and will be giving rise to a specific study in our laboratories.
Many cases come to reinforce our experience:
- "white" called wastewater (wastewater coming from dairy industry);
- Wastewater coming from brewery industry;
- Wastewater coming from kennels;
- Wastewater coming from cheese industry;
- Wastewater coming from marmalade and jelly industry;
- Wastewater coming from butcher industry;
- non-exhaustive list.    

For this kind of wastewater plants, our engineering department manages all study in relation with feasibility, sizing and design



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