So far, more than 60 000 users trust us to treat their domestic and industrial wastewater
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Experience feedback

Consult the list of experience feedback from some of our wastewater treatment facilities.
Click on the title to consult the feedback experience (documents in French):

Results BIOFRANCE® 400 PTE
Tourist and commercial center
      BIOFRANCE® ≤ 50 PTE range 
Efficiency treatment test results
Harmonized standard NF EN 12566-3+A2 
 BIOFRANCE® i/3-20 results
"White" called wastewater (wastewater coming from dairy industry)
Results registered by the French Chamber of Agriculture
       BIOFRANCE® 250 PTE results
Courset (France) high school
Influence of seasonal variation loads
BIOFRANCE® 5 PTE results
Results following Veolia requirements
for important overloads
      BIOFRANCE® 180 PTE results
Underload test results
BIOFRANCE® i6/250 PTE results
Treatment of cheese industry wastewater (France)
Results made by a dairy cooperative  
      BIOFRANCE® 700 PTE results
  Treatment of wastewater of a ski resort (France)
Results from a seasonal activity
BIOFRANCE® 5 PTE results
Use of the WWTP
under high winter conditions

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