De different phases of your personal wastewater treatment plant project 

As part of your personal wastewater treatment plant project, it is important to know:
- which administrative steps you must follow;
- which are the installation requirements;
- which are the maintenance requirements.

Several authorities/experts are involved in your personal wastewater treatment plant project, each providing its duties and responsibilities: 

- The French administrative authority called « SPANC » will be in charge of:
    - given the information in relation with the zoning plan,
    - the control of WWTP and its installation conditions,
    - de validation of the soil testing.

- The engineering office:
    - will analyze the soil and the general implantation of the WWTP ;
    - will advise you a type of installation.

- The earthwork company is in charge:
    - of the proper execution of works in compliance with the rules of art (the earthwork company must have taken out a ten-year insurance),
    - of the compliance with manufacturer's instructions.

- The manufacturer is responsible for the WWTP performance in relation with its agreement and / or the relevant legislation.

In which case should we place a wastewater treatment plant?

The zoning plan for your municipality has been or will be achieved by the French authority SPANC.
Our house or building is located:
- or in a public sewerage area;
- or in an individual sewerage area.

Only houses in an individual sewage area must place a WWTP.

For further information, please contact:
- our regional dealer (please contact us to receive the contact details);
- your local authority (SPANC or municipality);
- the user guide, available on the ministry website


A WWTP is a construction product. The choice of product is up to the user.


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