The installation of a WWTP 

Any wastewater treatment plant should be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

To receive our installation guide, please fill in the contact form and detail your request.

Earthworks companies have the following duties:
- install the wastewater treatment plant according to the manufacturer's instructions
- follow the specific requirement of individual sanitary sewage;
- give use instructions to the final user.

These are the main points to take into consideration when installing a wastewater treatment plant:

Installation of the WWTP

The WWTP must be placed outside the building and its location should consider (non-exhaustive list):
- how to access the construction site
- the wastewater discharge distance
- how to access the WWTP to desludge and maintenance it
- the topography
- the sewage disposal.

All these installation constraints but also soil type may have influence on the WWTP to choice. Please see the following examples:

 In case of water table

Priority to WWTP made with concrete tanks:
 Constraint of access and / or manipulation

Priority to WWTP made with polyethylene tanks
No access

Priority to tailored made WWTP


Priority to custom-made WWTP
- BIOFRANCE® Container


Respect the tanks installation requirements

All our documentations refer to tanks installation requirements.
To receive our tanks installation requirements, please fill in the contact form and detail your request.

Some basic information (non-exhaustive list) :


 Handling is very important 
Handled the tank using a lifting beam


The number of lifting points on the beam
= number of rings on the tank
 Handling is very important
Use lifting chains

- Chains having equal length
- Chains length ≥ tank diameter
Importance of the foundation

- Stable and horizontal base
- Adapted foundation
 Installation adapted according
to the resistance of the tank

Always verify the maximal
load accepted by the tank
Installation adapted according
to the tank resistance

Installation according
to the real load 
Backfill using rock-free earth
 After backfilling 

Always fill the tank with water tank after backfill



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